Our Intention

Before our paths crossed, we (Stacy and Violet) tried countless methods to support our eating disorder recovery. But something was always off. Something was missing. It really wasn’t until we met -- and were terrifyingly open -- that we discovered a pivotal part of recovery: authentic connection.

Our friendship was a connection that came with authenticity, vulnerability, trust, acceptance and patience. Together, we continued on the path of recovery - committing to ourselves, recovery, and each other. With time, our friendship deepened. We mailed each other books. We enrolled in programs. We went to trainings. All of it with the sole intention to expand our recovery knowledge and learn the most effective ways to take action.

Living our lives committed to healing and growth, we found and continue to discover what is most essential in sustainable recovery. These scientifically supported and intuitively aligned recovery roots have changed our lives… and our simple yet powerful hope is that they meet you in the way you need them most.

Stacy Jones
Co-Founder, Body Image Expert + Awarded Dog Mom
My purpose here is to be a light for you; to show you the tools and methods to help you heal and grow. I am not here to make you do the work or to fix you. My presence here is to guide you to empowering yourself and taking back your life. Each journey and recovery path is different, and my hope is to honor that and help you discover what works best for you.

I grew up in a home void of emotional connection or validation. I felt like I did not fit in with my family and struggled from a young age with undiagnosed depression and anxiety. I constantly felt like there was something wrong with me and after awhile I began to believe it. I struggled to connect with others on a deep level, and when I developed connections, they often were toxic. I didn’t know how to form strong bonds through love and acceptance, rather only through dependence and abuse.

In my early teens, I was heavily exposed to diet culture - the beliefs that being thin meant being happy, labeling foods good and bad, exercising to change how my body looked, and buying into every diet and pill I could find. Each time I was left feeling worse and worse about myself and that I had failed my diet once again. While I struggled with body image and self-esteem from a young age, this dieting catalyzed my development of an eating disorder. I was heavily restricting, counting calories became my religion, and my life revolved around the gym. I was praised for working to be “healthy” since I live in a larger body. My disordered behaviors were seen as a good thing since I didn’t meet societal standards of how my body was supposed to look. This fueled my need to be thin because I thought it meant that eventually I would be good enough. I thought that once I reached my goal weight and was thin I could start living my life. I blamed my problems - lack of friends, toxic relationships, mental struggles - on how my body looked.

Today my body doesn’t look much different, however, my mindset has shifted drastically. I’m living my life and I’m grateful for my life, even through struggles. I cannot say my depression, anxiety, or eating disorders went away. I still experience depression and anxiety, and while I’m behavior free, ED thoughts and old beliefs do come up. But it was when I began sharing my story and giving myself a voice that I found my path in recovery. And through practicing accepting my struggles and allowing them space I have taken back my power.

I have learned to validate my own life and experiences.

Violet Moon
Co-Founder, Intuitive Empath + Treat Yo' Self Advocate
My purpose is to be a validating witness and source of empowering hope that you can also choose a life you have deserved since birth, a life of unwavering acceptance and unconditional love. Through experience, study, trial and much error, I am here to share what I have learned as a continuous student on the path of recovery and self-discovery.

After decades of compounded trauma, I learned that my worth and safety were determined by the state of my physical being. Terrified of continued abandonment, isolation and punishment, I held no means for verbalizing my experience... Thus, birthing my disordered eating patterns as far back as elementary school.

From binging as a child, I seesawed between anorexia and bulimia into adulthood to cope with my inability to receive or trust support. My eating disorder was so normalized and encouraged in most of my circles, I didn’t learn (or think to consider) there was something inherently destructive about hurting myself. For years, I lived in a web of people and ideologies that fed off this lack of identity or self-worth, and my desperation for belonging and meaning. And for 143 dog years, I thought this was life.

Although there was very little I could “break free” from with the awareness I had, it wasn’t until I consciously chose to live in a different environment that my worldview began to crumble. For the first time, I had encountered people who simply lived differently. It was nothing special. They just existed in a state-of-mind I never knew possible.

It was in these moments of blinding (and painful) clarity, I saw how empty my life was. Again, I was presented with the opportunity to consciously choose my next step: death or a life learning unconditional love and true connection. Unfortunately, moving from Point A (hell) to Point B (mental eden) is not that simple. But, it was and remains a choice I make every day.

Next to my relationships, healing is my highest priority.

Over the past couple years, I harnessed my intuitive, inquisitive nature to explore hundreds of healing resources and modalities. From books to workshops to certification trainings, I feel deep purpose growing my understanding of mental, emotional, physical, sexual and spiritual well-being — and incredible agency deciding what is right for me.

I became an assertiveness coach, NLP practitioner and opinionated meditator. I love my tarot deck and astrology readings as much as my neuroscience and quantum physics readings. It’s crazy to me still but I actually enjoy life most days… all because one day I made a choice.

I chose me.